1 month post op bbl

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1 month post op bbl

Today I would like to answer questions that Andrene asks regarding the Brazilian butt lift recovery period. If you cannot sit directly on your butt, will bending over, squatting and stretching your butt damage the fat injections? Or if you kneel down and then lightly rest your butt on your heels with the majority of your weight on your knees will that also cause indentations in the new fat? Or should you wear one of those garments that have the butt cut out and missing?

The recovery period for the Brazilian butt lift is 3 weeks. If you sit sooner than that it can prevent some of the fat grafts from surviving. Sitting during the recovery period is harmful to the new fat grafts because it exerts a tremendous crushing pressure, up to pounds per square inch in some areas, on these tender cells and tissues. Even the areas that are not crushed are under such pressure that blood flow is shut off.

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Squatting and stretching are not as bad as sitting, but they can place significant shear and tear stress on the tissues. The blood vessels that keep the cells alive and the grafts themselves are held together by a mesh of tissue called the extracellular matrix.

This matrix is composed of protein rods and cells that link together. It can get deformed by folds in the garment or constant low grade pressure. This is why stretching, squatting, etc. A compression garment is very helpful during the recovery because the low compression prevents tissue swelling. Tissue swelling is the enemy of good healing. The pressure is not nearly enough to crush tissues or shut off circulation.

1 month post op bbl

A compression garment with the buttocks cutout would be the exact wrong thing as it would allow swelling in the buttocks and prevent drainage into the surrounding areas. As a matter of fact, it would milk swelling from the surrounding tissues into the uncompressed buttocks. It takes days for the blood vessels to grow into the fat grafts.

During the new few days, the blood vessels begin to strengthen. The extracellular matrix surrounding the fat graft takes another weeks to reach enough strength to withstand minor stresses. This is why 3 weeks is the earliest a patient can begin stressing the tissues. A patient should plan for 3 weeks mostly of rest on her stomach or sides, getting up occasionally to limber up the muscles, but avoid things that place stress on the healing tissues. The three week recovery is important in achieving the best possible long lasting result.

Sitting on your buttocks during the first or second week will likely prevent some fat graphs from taking, resulting in a less prominent buttocks which you could have had by not sitting. I am a board certified plastic surgeon, boarded by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and I have been in practice for more than 25 years. I am also a member of the Gluteal Safety Task force, which issues recommendations for safe Brazilian butt lift procedures.

Or just give us a call at ! By Dr. Ricardo L. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Notify me by email when the comment gets approved. Remove the blur from all images? Yes No. Related categories Brazilian butt lift Butt Related procedures Brazilian butt lift. Brazilian butt lift and risks of pulmonary fat embolism.Enduring results become apparent after the recovery period. During recovery, some of the fat cells are reabsorbed by the body, and a new blood supply must form to supply the healthiest transferred fat cells.

After this process is complete, the BBL results are mostly permanent. The size of your buttocks will change if you gain or lose weight. If you gain weight, your buttocks will become larger because the fat cells in that part of the body will get bigger.

If you lose weight, your buttocks will get smaller because the fat cell volume will decrease. After surgery, some of the fat cells that are transferred to the buttocks get resorbed by the body. The healthiest fat cells remain and after a few months of recovery, become permanent. Fat cells that are removed from the abdomen and transferred to the buttocks, behave as they did before the transfer. Therefore, if you gain or lose weight in your abdomen, those abdominal fat cells that were transferred to your buttocks will gain or lose weight in the same fashion after the BBL as they did before the BBL.

1 month post op bbl

As such, a BBL can cause a dramatic, positive transformation in healthy patients and the results can be long-lasting. Brazilian Butt Lift results can be long-lasting. Once the fat has revascularized, the fat is permanent. In other words, transplanted BBL fat cells will be susceptible to weight changes.

To increase the odds that your results will be long-lasting, patients need to maintain and not lose weight after their procedure.

Avoid putting pressure on the grafted areas. Wear your compression garment all day. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle. The number of transferred fat cells that will survive transplantation is impossible to predict exactly, but it is normal for some of the fat cells to die and be reabsorbed by the body.

Some doctors over-inject fat cells to compensate for the projected fat cell loss and still achieve the desired results. For the first 2 to 3 weekspatients should wear the compression garment 24 hours a day. It should only be removed for washing or when you are taking a shower. After the first 2 to 3 weekspatients will need to continue wearing the compression garment for 12 hours per dayeither during daytime hours or at night. To be effective, the garment should fit snugly and not be too tight as to cause a lot of pressure on the buttocks.

Inspect your skin if you feel discomfort. The compression garment should not be so uncomfortable that it prevents you from sleeping.

1 month post op bbl

The tightness of your garment should feel like a bandage wrap that you might wear as a brace around your knee or an ankle. The garment should not cause indentations or puckering of the skin where the liposuction or fat grafting has been performed. Wear your compression garment all day, every day 24 x7 for the first 3 weeks. Doctors utilize different techniques to perform BBL surgery and therefore the different recommendations about sitting after a BBL.

Some doctors recommend avoiding sitting at all during the first 2 weeks after surgery. Others recommend sitting only using a bbl cushion during the first 6 weeks of the recovery. Newly injected fat cells initially do not have a blood supply. The first 2 to 6 weeks after surgery are a critical time period for transplanted fat cells. Prolonged pressure caused by sitting on the fat cells will cause them to die.

During the first 6 weeks of the BBL recovery timethe body will generate a blood supply around the new fat cells. Once this blood supply is established, it is safe to sit without the BBL cushion.My doctor was Dr.

Jolie plastic surgery had two locations and I went to the Miami Surgical Center. The day before my surgery I went to Dr. Kagan's office to prepare for my procedure. Upon arriving, I was taken to the back, where my height and weight were checked. I then signed some paperwork and was met by a nurse practitioner.

What is the recovery period for the Brazilian butt lift?

Next was the fitting for my faja, which is a garment that is worn after your surgery and it must be worn for 6 weeks. You're supposed to wear the faja almost every day for optimal results. After that, I was all set for surgery the following day.

I arrived at the surgical center at 6 am and checked in. I was soon taken to the back for a urine test to make sure I wasn't pregnant. My BMI was checked and Dr. Kagan marked me up and told me where he would be making my incisions. My BMI was Then I went into the operating room, where the anesthesia was administered. I was out after that a woke up lying on my stomach and was a little uncomfortable. Fortunately for me, the pain wasn't severe. I recovered for a little while and then was placed in a wheelchair and rolled out to my car.

When I got home, I laid on my stomach for the rest of the day. I ate chicken noodle soup and took my antibiotics along with the Tylenol that was prescribed by Dr. The rest of that day was a wash, as I slept for most of it. For the first fews days of my recovery, my portable bedside urinal was my best friend.

I used it almost everyday during my entire recovery, because I was too sore to sit on a toilet. I preferred Body Contour's massage services to the ones at Jolie, which I didn't like.

Massages are mandatory for you to receive the best results post-operatively after BBL surgery. My first 3 days of recovery were a little hard. I had to use a lot of my upper body strength to lift myself up. On my second post-operative day, I started using foam boards and back boards. On day 4, I started using my boppy pillow to sit. It was still uncomfortable to sit, but the boppy pillow helped ease the discomfort.

I ended up staying in Miami for 6 days after my surgery.Fat Transfer removes fat from unwanted areas, and transfers it to a new, more desirable location. This technique is widely used in Brazilian Butt Lifts BBLFacial Rejuvenationand scar treatment for depressed, or sunken-in, scars from traumatic injury.

With Fat Transfer, only a portion of the transferred fat survives in its new location, and the percentage that survives can vary widely based on a host of factors, including how much volume was transferred, how tight and elastic skin is in that area, how the patient cares for the transferred fat during the recovery process, and a whole host of other factors.

So here are 10 things you can do after your fat transfer surgery to help ensure more fat survives:.

1 month post op bbl

Eating nutrient-dense foods will provide your body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs to support its recovery. Adding in more healthy fats in your diet will be helpful during your recovery. Try adding avocados, salmon, grass-fed butter, almonds, walnuts, extra virgin olive oil, and coconut oil. For Brazilian Butt Lift, stomach sleeping is a good idea.

Facial fat transfer patients will typically take a day or two off of driving, while they recover at home. So BBL patients need to be sure not to drive for at least a few weeks after surgery — the closer you can get to weeks without driving, the more likely you are to keep a larger percentage of the transferred fat intact.

This one really only applies to Brazilian Butt Lift fat transfer patients. One trick that helps our patients keep off their butt during the healing process is to sit on a towel.

Sounds crazy, right? With fat transfer, your newly transferred blood cells need to re-establish a blood supply in order to survive and thrive in their new home. Smoking makes it harder for your body to build those new blood vessels and affects the quality of blood those fat cells receive during their recovery. Second hand smoke is just as bad for you, so be sure to avoid smoking areas during your recovery, as well.

Exercise helps to get blood and fluids circulating throughout the body, and sweating is a great way to help your body clear out toxins.

BBL Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Guide 2020

During this time, light walking is helpful, but you should be careful not to burn too many calories, or do any movements that put pressure on your transferred fat. After 8 weeks, your fat transfer should have established proper blood supply, and getting a good sweat session in can help pump fresh, nutrient-rich blood into the area.

One tip to remember as you start exercising, is that you want to avoid activities that put a lot of pressure, compression, or trauma on your fat transfer.

For example, Brazilian Butt Lift BBL patients will want to avoid stationary bike and leg sleds, both of which put a lot of pressure on the buttocks.

Instead try the elliptical or hack squat machines. We know from several studies that running, in particular, can cause facial fat wasting, so avoid running, bouncing activities — even an elliptical set to a high stride height can cause bouncing, so try the stationary bike or rowing machine instead.

Weight-lifting and other low-impact sports have not been shown to affect the face, so those should be fine to start back up with at 8 weeks. We all know hydration is key to health, but when your body is working hard to repair itself, it relies heavily on water to help clear away waste and move nutrients throughout the body. But drinking water alone is not enough.

You need to provide your body with electrolytes, the salts and minerals that help your body hold onto water. Try incorporating a few pinches pink Himalayan salt or a small sports drink like Gatorade, Powerade, or Smart Water into your diet each day during the first 8 weeks of your recovery. Weight fluctuations after fat transfer can negatively affect your results. For facial fat transfer patients, weight loss can reduce the amount of fat in your face, especially if that weight loss is achieved through high impact sports, such as running.

Weight gain tends to have less of an impact on fat transfers to the face. For Brazilian Butt Lift patients, weight gain can cause undesirable effects.

Weight loss after BBL may cause your buttocks to lose weight, though it should be proportionate to weight loss throughout the body.

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Call to schedule your complimentary Fat Transfer consultation with Dr. Mitchell Chasin today! Buy Skincare What's New. So here are 10 things you can do after your fat transfer surgery to help ensure more fat survives: 1. Mitchell Chasin, MD. Medical Director at Reflections Center.

Become A Patient Today.Recovery period from liposuction here at our Union Square plastic surgery practice varies from one person to another. By and large, it mainly depends on the size of the treated area.

Mosser will craft a personalized liposuction treatment plan that will help you achieve naturally beautiful and proportional results with the shortest recovery time possible. Read on below to learn more about what to expect during liposuction recovery and what you can do to make it quick and comfortable on your end at the same time. As mentioned earlier, the length of recovery from liposuction varies but the timeline below will give you an idea what to expect following surgery.

Weeks After Liposuction You will most likely feel pain and sore right after the effects of anesthesia has worn off. While pain will be tolerable and manageable around this time, you may be prescribed pain relievers that you can take if the pain is quite debilitating.

Your movements may be limited around this time. Elastic bandages or compression garments may be used to cover treatment areas. They will help reduce the swelling that is typical after liposuction. Once swelling has subsided, the results you desire will gradually reveal itself.

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The first two weeks after surgery will most likely be the most difficult and uncomfortable phase of recovery since the wounds will need constant monitoring for infection.

Daily activities may be limited around this period, too. Weeks After Liposuction Around this time, your incisions should already have healed and the swelling will be subsiding. You may gradually return to your usual activities of daily living immediately after surgery, but around the 3rd week light to moderate exercises may be done. Certainly you should reduce your level of activity if pain or discomfort is experienced.

Weeks 4 and Beyond After a month following liposuction, bruising will not be noticeable anymore and your new shape will start becoming more obvious. You can fully return to activities of daily living provided that you are already able to do so. By the sixth week, you will start seeing results, though it will take as much as 3 months for the swelling to be nearly completely gone.

Ultimately, patience and adherence to post-surgery instructions are the key qualities a patient must have to be able to achieve the best possible aesthetic results of liposuction. Call us at We look forward to your visit!

Home Main Menu Home Dr. April 16, Online consultations click here.Use postsurgical compression garmets to recuperate from liposuction, brazilian butt lifts bbltummy tucks and other types of surgeries. These compression garments are designed to help the body recover faster by minimizing swelling during the healing process. They are usually tighter than traditional high compression fajas, so they serve to improve blood circulation and stimulate tissue regeneration.

Postpartum compression garments are also useful for the recovery of natural or caesarean section deliveries. If you need the best faja for postpartum use, we recommend you visit our catalog of postpartum fajas. Our postsurgical compression fajas offer up to three levels of compression in their garments: High, medium and low.

If you use or need a faja to shape your body, control fat, bloat or simply wish to lift your buttocks, you can opt for any of these levels according to your need, compression tolerance and of course style. But what happens immediately after surgery? What level of compression is appropriate to recover from cosmetic procedures and from a C-section?

You need at least two types of fajas. Generally speaking, after any procedure it is advisable to wait three to five days before using medium and high compression garments. Instead, start your recovery process with very soft compression fajas such as those found in our slimming fajas category, this is because the newly operated area is sensitive and delicate, and slimming fajas are easy to wear as they have no seams or closures.

This slight compression helps enormously. Stage two fajas are engineered to offer multiple levels of compression because your body will need it as it gradually shrinks in size during the second stage of post-op recovery. The best post-op faja is dependent on the body part that was operated.

Full body fajas are great for the legs and arms, while short and panty fajas are ideal for multi procedures like lipo and breast. Some products in our online store are designed to support the waist area. We carry fajas designed for the treatment of different types of hernias, such as inguinal hernia or umbilical hernia which affects the lower abdomen. If you have doubts in selecting the best faja for you it is recommended that you consult your physician. Pro tip: Keep in mind that some girdles have closures on the front - category.

These closures do not make direct contact with the skin, but they could be uncomfortable for people with very sensitive skin or stiches. In this category we have hand selected the best postsurgical compression garments for bbl, lipo, and other cosmetic surgery use.

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1 MONTH POST OP BBL ! (before and after)

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